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Ways I can make your life easier: 

  • Settling in After a Move
  • Downsizing Assistance
  • Closets, Cabinets, Kitchen, & Pantry Organizing
  • Assisting Executors with Home Content Disbursement
  • Basements, Attics, Garages, Sheds & Storage Units
  • Bedrooms, Playrooms, Family Room, Any Room
  • Assisting in setting up systems for those who suffer from Chronic Disorganization, ADHD &/or Hoarding Disorder
  • Residential Paperwork & Files
  • Errand Running

Organizing Services
$60.00 per hour paid via cash, check, charge or PayPal.
You will be amazed at what can be completed in just one or two sessions.  Check out the Life Transformations page to see the results.  You will then understand how spending a few hundred dollars can make your life easier. 

Errand Running Services
$35.00 per hour paid via cash, check, charge or PayPal.
Why spend your evenings or weekends running around when I can do it for you?  If you or a family member are incapacitated, disabled or simply in need of a hand, give me a call.  I can provide respite to the weary.  I'll pick up your dry cleaning, your groceries, your packages.  I'll drop off your returns at the post office or the store.  I'll even sit and wait at your house for the repair man.

You name it, I'll run the errand for you or your family member so you don't have to.  Freeing up your time and making your life easier.

Home Review & Report
$300.00 paid via cash, check, charge or PayPal.
If you want to do the organizing yourself, but don't really know where to start, this report will be your guide.  I come to your home and we spend between 1-2 hours reviewing the areas in your home that you feel need improvement.  I then provide you with a detailed report with my observations and recommendations for making your space more organized and functional.  

Presentation to Your Group
(Mother's Groups, Church Groups, Clubs, etc.)
$100.00 paid via cash, check, charge or PayPal.
Do you have a group that would like to hear a presentation on how to make their life easier.  Give me a call to schedule a presentation (approximately 1 hour in length) to review organizing strategies, tips and suggestions.

Gift Certificates-
(Special Online Pricing Only)
Organizing appointments are a minimum of 4 hours; however, you can purchase gift certificates in any amount of hours you would like.  Make your life or the life of a loved one easier by purchasing a gift certificate today!
NOTE:  Gift Certificates do not expire.  Unused Gift Certificates may be returned for full value within 30 days from the date of purchase.  Protect the gift certificate; the bearer is responsible if it is lost or stolen.

1 Hour of Organizing
1 hour of residential organizing services (to be applied to a full 4 hour session).
Price: $60.00
4 Hours of Organizing
4 hours of residential organizing services (pays for 1 full session)
Price: $240.00
8 Hours of Organizing
8 hours of residential organizing services (equal to 2 full sessions)
Price: $480.00 $456.00
12 Hours of Organizing
12 hours of residential organizing services (equal to 3 full sessions)
Price: $720.00 $684.00
1 Hour of Errand Running
1 hour of running your errands for you
Price: $35.00
2 Hours of Errand Running
2 hours of running your errands for you
Price: $70.00
Home Review & Report
1-2 hour review of your home & written report
Price: $300.00

New Jersey
PA - Philadelphia & Surrounding Suburbs
Delaware - Northern Counties
Maryland - Northern Counties

"Not only can I find things, I am quick to return them to where they came from.  I would recommend your services again and again."
--Trudy, Glassboro, NJ

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